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  1. 掲載料については、50,000円とする。

  2. 論文の電子化(pdf化)に伴い贈呈は行わない。

  3. 「その他」の種目の投稿は掲載料を徴収せず、別冊を製作しない。

Publication fee

  1. The publication fee will be 50,000 yen.

  2. The publication fee will be 50,000 yen. No presentation will be made when papers are converted to electronic format (pdf).

  3. No publication fee will be charged for submissions in the "Other" category, and no separate volume will be produced.



Actual expense

The author shall bear the costs of any special processes required, such as the reproduction of drawings.




​As a general rule, only the first proofreading should be done by the author.



How to send the manuscript

Please send your manuscript to the office of the Japanese Society for VR Medicine by e-mail attachment.

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